(SOLVED) Please Help! Motor is having trouble moving the weight of the board (without me standing on it)


Hi! I just built my first esk8. I was unhappy to see that my board was not working. After many hours of troubleshooting, I still could not find out why it is not working. It seems to be related to low torque, which is weird because I have a 190kv motor. Warning in advance: ALL MY VIDEOS ARE LINKS due to a problem wih downloading.

When board is on the ground:

VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5BaErN4DS8JU1VMbkcyRXpRb2c/view?usp=sharing

  • The board jitters and does not move.

  • If I give the board a kick, it moves very slowly

When the board is not on the ground:

VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5BaErN4DS8JLWotSDdEcklZdGs/view?usp=sharing

  • Wheels spin much faster

  • No jittering

Here are my parts:

While I am riding the board, this is the fastest it goes:


I can supply you wiith the BLDC Tool screenshots if needed!

Thank you in advance!

Send the BLDC screenshots :wink:

Sounds like your being throttled by your settings, did you perform a motor detection?

Yes. Here are the settings.

Looks like you haven’t had a successful motor detection. Up the amps 1 or 2 and try it again. Don’t forget to ‘Apply’ the results and write config. Then, reboot and try it…

EDIT: Also, it’s in battery cut-off mode. Your voltages are too high for your battery configuration. 2 x 3s is only 25.2v fully charged and you’re telling the VESC it should have more than 33!

Change cut-off start to 20.5v and end to 19.5v


Your voltage cutoffs are set for a 10S system, you have a 6S system

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lol, beat you to it :slight_smile:

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What does that mean. How do I fix it?

Ok I will try and post my results. Thanks for your time!

Change your cut off start and end

Wooooow… Thank you sooooo much @Blasto @darkkevind… Just one more question, when we are riding, no matter the position on the controller(only forward positions actually) , the board will go full speed.

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You need to calibrate the controller in the application section of the BLDC software. PWM.

What is PWM and do I need to plug in the controller? BTW thank you for your help!

Pulse width modulation. It’s too do with how the controller talks to the ESC.

Please look up on YouTube: VESC setup

Ok Thanks… Would this also include how to make my board go backwards as well?

you can just tick “current” in your App configuration/PPM settings

Thanks! It worked out great!


Hi again! What would I change in my BLDC tool to go from a 6s set up to a 10s setup?

You should really do a motor detection again and then change your voltage cut-off levels for 10 cells.

Work out the values that we gave you last time, then change them for 10 cells instead of 6 :slight_smile:

What should i change it to?