[Solved] Receiver trouble

Hey All, I’m currently putting together my first build and am trying to bind the receiver from the TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller. From what I understand there should be an led lighting up on the receiver but nothing happens when I plug it in to my vesc and power everything up. I know that the power works on the vesc because I had just programmed it using a programming card and everything worked fine. I guess my question is if this is a bad receiver or if i’m doing something wrong. Thanks, Stephen

Post a pic of your setup. My guess is that it is no wired properly.

Receiver Test I took a video of the programming card being lit up then the receiver being switched in.

I shut everything down before I change plugs, not sure if that is apparent from the video Here’s an image too

The longer cord is for programming and the shorter one is the PPM cable. Change them around with the black wire to the left in channel 2.

With that esc I think you have to plug the UBEC into channel 4 with ground on the left and power all the way to the right (no middle wire).

I’ll try that, thanks.

So I tried what @JLabs recommended. I figured out the problem, the longer wire from the vesc is for the receiver but it did need power from the UBEC in channel 4

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I’m glad you got it figured out!

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You should probably change the topic, as the problem wasn’t with Torqueboards mini remote.

i just changed it, thanks for the heads up.

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