[SOLVED] Torque board 6355/190kv rattling noise under load on acceleration

So I bought two 6355 motors from TB and 1 of them makes this rattling noise under load on acceleration. Idk if i have a defective motor or what cus it’s brand new and it has no scuffs or dings on it. I installed it today. I also noticed that the motor itself seems loose. I made 2 videos to show the rattling sound and what the loose part looks like

If you guys have any idea what’s going on… I’m all ears! Thanks

There was a problem with the video so I couldn’t watch it, but there are two common problems I can think of. The first is simple and is that the key or motor pulley has a little bit of wiggle room on the shaft. The second is that the motor can/bell is loose from the shaft which I’ve seen a few times with these motors, if this is the case I would try and tighten the grub screws holding it on, or contact @torqueboards about what to do.

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Loose can my friend. hit up @torqueboards

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@pat.speed @dareno

You guys… are… AMAZING… I found the grub screws you were talking about and tightened them down with a 2mm allen wrench. It eliminated the wobble that I was seeing and hearing. And now my setup is just about complete. So happy. (: I just finished riding around town for like 45 minutes to confirm no abnormal noises coming from the motor, and I’m pleased to say that it sounds perfect. I guess the screws just came loose from manufacturing because I never touched them. Easy fix. Now I don’t have to stress about getting a new motor or sending it back to get repaired.


Oz represent.

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Congrats on finding the problem, but keep in mind that by moving the screws you will need to replace the loctite that was previously (or possibly not?) applied during factory assembly. If you were able to easily tighten it then I’m suspicious if it ever had a thread locker applied.

My APS motors had red loctite on them, would not budge until I gave it heat.

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