Solving the problem of noob questions

The staff and high level members of the forum have been discussing the problem of noobs creating threads to answer a simple question.

On this thread I’d like to brainstorm some ideas collectively to help solve this problem.

A few ideas already and a few of mine:

  1. Create a thread specifically for noob questions and always refer to that thread if a thread has been made about a noob question
  2. Register a website like where a few volunteers can assist a live chat service to help people
  3. Live chat services that we use on the forum… personally I never check it because it is so flooded. What do you guys think of it?
  4. A document with answers to every noob question we can think of as a community

Any other ideas?

Peace out


I’d say making a thread where thats pinned with all the most common questions and answers, and some standard information thats not to much to comprehend.

Along with maybe the options of asking questions in that thread aswell?

Something easily accessable atleast.

Wasnt there one of thoose threads already btw?

Edit: there is the pinned “START HERE!” thread which is somewhat what I just said.

I think a specific thread is the way to go. O personally do that have time to man a ‘hotline’ if anyone wanted my advice :grinning:.

A catch all documents is probably untenable, however a ‘quick start’ guide might be doable. Maybe give some example builds using off the shelf hardware, vendor lists, etc.

I think any sort of real time chat solutions out there could help a lot. I still use IRC for some things here or there, but Slack or Discourse or whatever could work. Having a bot that has some preprogrammed commands to direct people easily helps a lot then can just !batteries or !motors or !vesc and get the appropriate links to the forum and a brief prebaked bit of info to guide people.

Problem with an all inclusive starter guide is it’s hard to condense all the information into digestible pieces but still give a complete picture.

I just setup a slack chat… someone had already taken esk8 so I registered esk8r to check out how hard it is to setup the bot that’s built in, not bad:

Hmm seems at least in the free version can’t do open registration to any e-mail address so it’s restricted to invite only system (can allow non-admins to invite as well but still sort of a pain).

To add to @lox897’s questions, to everyone newer to the forum (<6 months-ish), what would help you find the useful information already in the forum (past topics)? A list of good starting topics? Improvement to the search function? Better tags?

Someone set up a slack about 6 months ago, but it was very rarely used and, frankly, not very well connected to the forum, so most didn’t know about it.

What if we get a discord?

Yeah I see this isn’t really an ideal solution for reasons mentioned in that thread still think discord or IRC or something else would be nice the current chat is pretty limited. @Michael319 check the link from @rpn314 to me it’s discussed there. Points boil down to needs low barrier of entry needs high visibility (would basically need to replace the current chat drop down with a link to the chat instead or something to get people to go there).

Regarding what people have been asking I’ve only been active on here for a week or so really though I’ve been lurking for a while and end up on the forums from google searches. I think the search function is pretty good but the questions I’ve been seeing are usually people wanting to confirm their particular setups and just not understanding specifications (kv, A, Ah). Seems like a fair amount of questions about conversions of existing things too but my sample size is small :slight_smile:


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Considering that the first pinned post says “START HERE | FAQ for DIY Electric Skateboard builders” the n00b issue is probably laziness and them wanting an instant answer, not reading seemingly endless paragraphs.

My suggestion would be to make this site like Google, first page is search, nothing but search, But that’s not something moderators can control

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i think that they doesn’t read the FAQ because its not featured in red

FAQ 2.0

Important! Please before ask read the FAQ and use the search function.

Building your first eboard?

Not sure about the components? Check the community recomendations

Need Inspiration? Take a look some builds from others

Where to buy the parts for my eboard?

USA - - - -

EU - - -

UK - - -

Specific Tutorials

Download software

I think we need updated/better stickied threads with more of the basic info laid out.

I started working on a wiki site in order to catalog some of the info on here so noobs could sift through it easily. Since wiki sites can be edited by anyone I think it could be a good way to come to a consensus on what should be in the stickied threads, or just a good way to build up an organized knowledgebase.

Its up at


image Hi my name is Harrison Williams, I just completed my electric longboard build with a 10s 3p design and my bms caps it at 40A. My only problem with it is that my $43 esc is overheating and it just turns off. Please help, I don’t no what to do, I have drilled extra holes into my enclosure to improve airflow.