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So hey guys, I’ve been divulging into this esk8 forum much lately, and have been thinking. Mainly, as why not take from other industries? like the firearm industry. The main reason of esk8 was to build your own skateboard because you wanted to have a sense of style from all the big companies & make an electric skateboard that fits YOUR needs best. One thing that I’ve heavily noticed in e-skating is the accessory market that goes with it. And one way that I think would make the accessory market of e-skating universal and accessible to every rider (not just esk8 builders but consumers from cooperations as well) is the rail system. Easily attach or detach any accessory to the board knowing 100% that it won’t come off & that it’s rock solid. This also saves from having to cut, drill, or glue your board every time something new or cool comes out and you wanna change it. But, one accessory in specifically is popular among e-skating, is lights. While most people are looking into the bike market for them, the firearm market seems MUCH more fitting. Instead of having another remote to control your lights plus your throttle remote; it can be overwhelming. Instead, the flash lights of tactical firearms are turned on & off via a pressure sensitive pad wired to the light, meant for harsh weather conditions. (Making it also compliant with road conditions). Why not have those lights attached to the board, and then whenever you want to turn them on & off just tap either edge of the board with your feet on the pads. But also for those who want to attach there feet to there board, or just simply want the best of both words. Why use the snowboard type design of having to strap your feet in every time you want to get on and off your board. When the mountain bike clip-less pedal design seems much more fitting for desired intentions. It would be much more sleeker/out of sight, wouldn’t need to strap in and out every time you want to get on or off the board, you can still stride if you want to push, but also stay attached much more firmly to the board, yet simply at the flick of your ankle and your foot is free, and would save weight off the board. This would also make travel much simpler since you wouldn’t have straps hanging off.

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I’ll start with the lights. Assuming something like Surefire with a thumb pad add-on. They are pretty big, which makes them difficult to use as real-estate is at a premium on esk8. The pressure pads are great for your finger, but when you start dragging the sole of your vans (said skate show) across them they wouldn’t last long.

Rails are great, and I can actually see a couple of ways that would work, but it has some major deficiencies…weight & real-estate (again) being the major ones. The rails would need to be a min of .5in, which costs you an inch out of the middle of your board, it would have to be really frikkin easy for that to be acceptable. A 7075 aluminum rail at 22x.5x.5in would weigh considerably more than an enclosure without it. Weight is the board killer, there is a cost to every piece you add to a board, therefore every component should be evaluated by strength & purpose VS weight.

Mountain board pedals would be cool, unless you fall, those spikes/cleats would be like a grater on your exposed flesh. You should just sand away all of your exposed flesh and replace it with sheet metal if your gonna use those.

I’m really not trying to dog on you post or ideas, I just wonder why folks jump on here and think within 5 minutes the can revolutionize the ek8 industry…its not like this forum isn’t full of engineers (electrical/mechanical/systems/etc.) and inventors that have actually been doing this for a few minutes…

If you think you can make it happen, please give it a shot. Id love to see some more cool ass mods, as would everyone else I’m sure.

Your confusing clipless pedals with bmx pedals, clipless peddles are peddles that your shoes clip into, and bmx pedals are the cheese grater type ones your describing. And if mountain bikers can do it flying through the air and through steep terrain for miles and be able to immediately clip there feet off & on whenever they choose. Why might Electric skateboarders not be able to do the same? And they only weigh a few ounces as well since there mainly aluminum. The rails would be aluminum and weigh only a few ounces anyways. And they would go on the underside of the board to hold lights. And they make a variety of different types of lights, if anything just wrap it in tape if it’s not durable enough for your needs. Just trying to help and share ideas, and you should upraise that to help grow the community.

You could try. Id like to see some picks of these. Not familiar at all with the things you are talking about

Like I said, just pointing out the obvious issues. Would love to see you come up with something.

Please tell me you know the differences. Jesus Christ that was hard to read. Sorry I had to point those out.

Anyway, in terms of clipless pedals, don’t you need to wear specific shoes in order for your shoes to lock in? I ride road bikes so I’ve used them for years. It’s easy to clip in when balancing on a bike, I imagine one would wobble around a lot while trying to lock in on a board.

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I dont feel good sharing my ideas on the forum, here is why. This community seems assuring to us members and we feel comfortable sharing ideas openly, thus we forget the posts we create are readable for anyone with an internet connection. The main problem i have is companies taking our designs and solutions, and giving nothing back to the community. Makes me mad.

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Why would you need a fancy way to turn the lights on and off? If its dark you switch them before you ride, i cant imagine why you would need to switch them off again until you are finished.

The idea would be better suited for a horn. I have just fixed a bike bell to my controller.

yea i saw a wall of text and noped the fuk out.

i have my lights on a switch mounted to the enclosure so…this is kind of pointless.

See this thing right here?

I just touched it twice, and would you look at that! I’m going to do it again, but three times now.


Look at that, a space between my words, well look at that. Would you look at that.