Some information required Lead-acid vs Li-ion battery

A couple of question on lead vs Li-ion batteries for my conversion project:

  • do you have (need) an anti-spark on a lead battery set-up?
  • providing the voltage remain the same, would an ESC working on a lead battery also work on a Li-ion? Thank you

Lead batteries are heavy crap which you should avoid. But if you really want to use them, there are the answers for you:

  • Anti-spark is not related to the battery, but to the switch so yes, you will need one.
  • ESC doesn’t care about the battery chemistry, it cares about the voltage at its input and the current that the battery can supply. So as long as these requirements are met, you should be okay.

Ok. I don’t want to use lead-acid batteries, I currently have them on my board, so i know they are heavy. I want to replace them with Li-ion but I wanted to know if I would be able to use all or part of the existing electronic on the board with the new battery, or if I would have to change some parts.

Pictures would definitely help

I do not have any of the ESC right now with me. I will try to do this next week-end as I work away during the week.