Some times i get throttle cut on my VESC


I have a VESC on my 6s single motor build.

Some times when going up a little hill or driving fast for some times, the throttle suddenly just cut of a moment, then come back again.

I have now fault codes in BLDC tool, so i think it`s my battery settings. Anybody who could help me ? I´m runnig 6s Lipo battery (2x3s)

Also i´m new, so i dont like strong brakes, so my motor min(regen) is set to -40A and batt min (regen) -20A, is this okay for the vesc ??

Thanks Guys

Looks like voltage sag may be cutting off power, you should leave the values at default 8/57

Sorry 8 / 57 ?? where should i put in these numbers ?

min max input voltage

The battery is the problem but.
I met throttle cut many many times when I build my Meepo Boards. The easy solution is ESC seting. You need to limit the current of the ESC, limit it down small until that its affordable for the battery. The cut you have is definitely because the battery CANT supply as much current to the ESC. That also happen when you accelarate on flat road. not only up hill. Whenever you need high current for long time. The battery cant supply constantly.

Is it my battery max : 60amp, you think that i should turn a little down ? And do you also think that i should change my current settings for input voltage and battery cutoff ?

yes. a battery claim to be 60 amp may not be able to output 60 amp constantly. You try limit the ESC highest current to 30 AMPs, if the problem gone. you then adjust it higher and higher.

Okay thanks The only thing i will start change for now is the “Batt Max” then…

I would also set the default values at 8/57 also like @Jinra said before.

So Minimum input voltage should be 8v And Maximum input voltage 57v ??

Yep. That’s right.

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Thanks Guys

If that does not fix it I once had this happen to me from the receiver being too close to the motor wires. The large current flow would make it cut out.


Thanks guys…

After i did the battery max/min change

And chaged max erpm from default 100.000 to 60.000 i have no more throttle cuts :sunglasses:

And One thing i have noticed is, that the motor sounds a Lot more smooth , and is more quit. But how come exactly ?