Someone stole my boosted charger and control. Anyone have spares?

Quite literally less than 2 weeks ago I got my first esk8, and via this forum nonetheless, but as of this morning I’ve become a victim of a vehicle break in and lost everything eboard related except for my boosted board. Since I just started learning to ride this thing and still got the board I don’t want to give it up yet but I’m lacking a remote and a charger for the board.

Anyone in the San Diego area willing to sell or part with a spare boosted battery charger and or boosted remote?

Edit: a remote has been generously donated, Thank you @sofu!

Edit 2: I gave in and ordered a new charger

V1 or V2/V3 the charger and remote are different for both boards.


Ahh man, dang, is it the stuff I gave to you, man wish the best, there’s a guy on eBay who’s selling both with a ton of accessories

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The very same board accessories…

V2+. Is there a way to make sure I’m buying the right remote and charger?

Am I the only one wondering if he actually stole the board instead? Glass half full kinda guy. Sorry :thinking::joy:

Also. You’re a few months too late. I literally had both for sale. I believe the v2 and v3 use the same charger and remotes. Regular and extend is the same


I was wondering if it would’ve been better if they only stole the board instead. At least the board is registered to me and has a SN on it.

Dollar value of loss+damages is about the same cost as the board I still have.

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It would suck if you go buy these on eBay and it comes from the thief.

@sofu, @Kellag anyone from BAESK8 have extra boosted charger or remote they can part with?


I was thinking the same :rofl:

You don’t store your charger and remote in another house :joy:

I’m seriously doubting that explanation, but if it’s true, then I’m sorry for you :sleepy:

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I have a v2 remote (not updated for hyper mode so can’t use on stealth) you’re welcome to @blacksideblue, DM me your address and let me see about shipping

Edit: Checked and I don’t have a spare charger. Sorry…

Edit: shipped


LOL. I’m busting his chops. He bought it from someone here. But the way he said it was definitely weird


Ya I can vouch for the dude. I saw him at ciclavia on the board he just bought here. He messaged me this morning and said someone broke his window on his car and stole his bag that had the remote and charger for his new board… sucks


Unless the thief was his mom and she didn’t want him to get hurt, the theif must have been sniffing flour :rofl:

Nah, seriously @blacksideblue, would you mind telling how it happend? We’re you sleeping and then when you woke up it was gone? Did you bring it to the gym and then it was gone when you were finished?

He has pictures of his busted car window


cicLAvia was last weekend and in LA, so I made a go bag with the board stuff. cicLAvia was pretty fun and turns out the V2+ with a borrowed extended range battery can do the full route roundtrip. My standard battery has an effective 8 mi range so I anticipated turning starbucks into a charging point.

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Btw here is the listing for the board that @blacksideblue bought


That was worse than I expected :pensive:

Dammit man, that really sucks…

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I’m an engineer, so I default weird

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