Someone tried that? WIFI Receiver

I am not sure if the app is still on the app store. It is a cool idea though

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Apple Store

I really want to try this because 70m is enough for a esk8… But maybe first I will start with a gt2b

Is it just me or does no one else think phone remotes are a horrible idea. I always see posts with people wanting them.

I’ve already scuffed up three remotes from falling. If that were a phone, it would surely end with a shattered screen. Granted, I’m a bit of a speed devil, but you’re still far more likely to drop/fall on your phone esk8ing. Not only that, but a phone has horrible ergonomics and literally no feedback for the throttle.

I suppose it’s a good backup method for if your dedicated remote dies but id never want this as a primary control solution.


its not just you. Phone remotes are absolutely a terrible idea. And yes, people always want them. Usually people who haven’t been riding long enough to have shattered a remote in a a fall or have yet to experience reliability issues. I have an otter box and i still wouldn’t do it. not to mention the ergonomics of using a slab shaped remote with a fat screen that needs your thumb in a particular place… ugh.

thumb stick please.

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Agreed, like carrying around a glass brick, easy to break, uncomfortable, dies too quickly, and WIFI/BTLE isn’t very good in NYC.

And you can use a ESP8266 which costs like 4 euro on aliexpress. Go for the wemos mini d1. My board also has WiFi. But it is not the best solution, Bluetooth would be better. But it is great for checking the life stats and define different motor setups on the fly. I don’t use it as throttle remote.

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