Something from China. Full suspension/ hub motors

Hey, I found this on facebook, dont have any more info than what you see here, there are a few more videos on the same FB account

Thoughts anyone?

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Looks pretty damn cool, I like the wheels. He went right up that 30 degree slope. I bet it weighs 40 lbs. though.

looks pretty powerful, very surprised it could do such a hill from nearly a zero

someone find the source so we can do some digging around :pick:

looks like what @Woody1989 is making just not as cool lol

I think @mmaner will have to look into these. Then he will probably give them as a gift next year for secret Santa


A hybrid between a Velox, a Trampa, a Baja Board and a @MoeStooge speed racer.

and a Meepo and a Wowgo




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I found it at TaoBao , Call ECOMOBI


power of tha forums :smiley:


‎Its poo.


Well, full suspension requires at least some appreciation I would think.

But they never show how good the turning radius is on that. They only do drifting and even then they need to even pull on the damn thing with their hands.

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Why does it deserve appreciation? Look at the mechanics.

what do you mean? thats exactly what Im talking about, the trucks are impressive

Look at it properly. A whole lot of unnecessary stuff in there and the concept is not theirs.

yes my dude, the freaking concept of a double wishbone suspension has been around since 1930’s.

teach me master, what is looking properly and what is unnecessary ?

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Why are you being antagonistic? The concept of double wishbone suspension has indeed been around since 1930 and was first introduced by one of the most innovative car companies in the world. The point I was making was that the wishbone concept aligned to a lean truck was not theirs. Someone else did that first and much simpler. This is your brother or something built this hey?

Give you a clue. Look at the linkages.


Well shit, by that reasoning all shoes are illegal and stealing from Mesopotamia back in the BC time from the first time some one wrapped a dead animal carcass around their foot. I’m gonna sue.

I agree with @dareno, there’s alot of useless crap in these trucks that can be done without.


you misunderstand. I dont give a shit if this is a copy and who made it.

what i am annoyed by is people who come in and drop “clues” instead of outputing something useful. Concept not theirs? Ok, who the hell made it, maybe people wanna know? Unnecessary stuff? Ok great, explain to the plebs wtf you are talking about. Thats my issue here, not being protective or any of that sissy shit.


Im intrigued. I wanna see whats drivin the 4wd hubs