Sony NC1 2900mAh 10S5P?


The NC1 can be bought for very cheap at the endlessphere forum. I know that one person on the forum has already made a bulid out of these -

Do you think that the specs of the battery are fine for a 10S5P pack? The current of these cells are 10A so 5p will mean 50a

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would be ok for a mono but dual drive, it’d be 25a per motor. that’d be kind of limiting.

and sag at 10a is about .7v, so total sag at 10s would be 7v. heavy sag like that can cause issues at end of charge if vesc settings are not set properly.

can you link to the sale post? I’d use these in an extended pack of 7p+ if the price was right.

He is Europe btw.

I would be going for a mono drive, and at 2,09$ each when ordering less than 200 cells it is cheap!

Also there are Sanyo NCR 18650GA which is better but I am on a budget

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So 50a for a mono drive is fine?

Panasonic PF are better

yea I think so, 10s5p will be kind of heavy for a mono.

consider, you’d get almost similar performance with a 10s2p using 30q cells, and if you can source them for less than $4 shipped it’d be cheaper than the 50 nc1 cells.

but if you’re dead set, they could work.

How come?

10 Char

New they are €1.99 and if you’re running them in high parallel, they seem like the best buy, though I’d probably suggest 7P+ for the PF or NC1. I don’t know about the “new” unwelded NC1 cells from someone who only answers via private message, seems a tad shady.