Sony VTC6 for $3.5 a piece

Jehu’s just posted a video about getting access to a crap load of news cells through some company going bankrupt.

Of those cells is the Sony VTC6. They’re selling them for $3.5 a piece in 200 count increments.

They’re bare and need to be insulated.

Any need for this? They’re slightly better performing than the 30q, a bit less sag so probably slightly higher capacity.


Glad someone else saw this. I tried to share earlier but no reception

Oh geez, sorry should have searched.

We can close this one down then


Yeah I’d be interested in some, but nowhere near the 200 quantity required.

Nah man! Dont worry, this one is getting more reception anyways so if anything we can close mine. Makes no difference ahah.

@moderators1 can we close my thread? The one linked above?

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Humm i maybe going for this

Do we know they are genuine?

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I need to buy about 60 cells. Would be up for splitting a order with someone.

What’s good about vtc6 vs 30qs. @skunk I can split with you if someone tell me and prooves vtc6 is better than 30qs

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I was hoping to use them with your compression packs

Watch that video, they do testing on them. Appears to be legit.


Oops, sorry. I didn’t even realize that was a video. My bad

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Saul goodman

Jump to like 4:20, it’s 10a drain test


Driving rip can someone give me atldr

As a daily motorcycle commuter, please keep ur eyes off ur phone.

Tldr, nothing much, they got pallets worth of cells from a company going bankrupt. Pallet of vtc6.

Discharge test at 10a, capacity at end of cycle is 2824mAh, temp 30c or so


I use 30Q before switch to vt6 much better a little less sag more power full more range also
And they don’t get the problem to get unbalanced easily like the 30Q Much better on any point I will don’t go back to 30Q for sure Only problem hard to find them at good price

Hi man maybe I don’t understand but want to order some and they ask me 14000000$ lol image


LOL what, seems fine for me image

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I would be down for 60 probably if someone is looking to unload some.


You’re ordering 200 packs of 200, so 40,000 cells