Soo many options (dual 6374 build)

hey guys, so i finally saved up a bit of money to build my second board, but sins i am planing to go whit 6374 motors tings can get a bit expensive for the 16 yo i am XD so these are the builds i am thinking about

cheap’o version Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192KV x2 =124 euro hobbyking esc (vesc) x 2 = 110 euro total: 234 or the

ill get more parts later version tb 12s 6374 3150w or aps 10s 6374 3200w (idk which one)( get one motor now and in the futur the second one) = +100- euro focbox=155 euro (get the second one later) total: 255

  • further upgrades 510 euro

rest of the build tb 218mm truck mbs 100mm off-road wheels 6p 12s (tb & hk) or 10s(aps) evo landyachtz deck

so what build do u guys think is most worf the money ?? is the cheap rout just trowing away money ??

Are great motors, its not the cheap option

This is the cheap option!

Should get this instead


What are you doing for batteries?

just the standard Q30,

30Q battery?

Have you already got a pack?

wel not the pack just the cells need to make a pack form it

are they litterly a cheaper version of the vesc 6 ??:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Never ever go cheap on vescs. You will end up replacing the controllers (just browse the forum to get an idea…) at some point and you won’t save money.

Yes “cheaper” but no sacrifices are made on quality

Better value :slight_smile:

Lets say that before @b264 starts having a go at you :grin:

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ow dam tnx, change of plans XD

LoLz. ESCape HW6 aren’t cheap, but they aren’t ridiculously overpriced like VESC6 HW6 are. They are basically the same thing.

they are cheaper then a focbox???

First of all your nickname makes me laugh really hard :laughing:

The cheapest build has quality parts which you don’t have to replace, that’s why it’s cheaper As others mentioned don’t buy cheap vescs otherwise it’s getting really expensive in the end. I would suggest starting with 1x sensored 6374 (e.g.APS) motor (so you don’t have to push the board first) and if you have some time to wait for an ESCape, this would be the best choice, and 15mm pulleys and belts.

This should give you some nice power, but if you want more power you can upgrade anytime with the same parts to go dual and without loosing any money.

there is already a whole poste about my nickname XD, tnx for the help, think i am gone go the escape route then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Missed that topic :joy: but now I understand the name.