Source for carbon fiber plate?

Does anyone know of a good source for carbon fiber plate? I’m trying to make a custom mounting plate for my motors. In the US I found dragonplate but they are very expensive and only finish one side of the plate.

I’m looking for 5 or 6mm plate finished on both sides

Any help would be much appreciated

Also what dose quasi-isotopic mean?

Quasi-isotropic is where each layer of carbon cloth is layed in different axis to maximise strength.

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I use Dragon Plate for my projects and they may seem expensive but I haven’t seen any others that are less. They make quality carbon fiber products. in direction. Quasi-isotopic is where the layers of carbon fiber are laid out with the grain going in a 0, 45, and 90 degrees direction alternately. This makes the strongest plate. Yea they’re expensive, but worth it. I uset the textured on one side with smooth shiny polished on the other. Looks great.

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Buy carbon fiber and resin and DIY it. I get my resin and cloth from US composites

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Here are some:

But the max thickness is 3mm, you wont need more then 2mm because its already strong enough with 1 mm.

If you’re in the US select the us site.

Thats how they make carbon fiber frames for supercars and hypercars.

Do you use the economy or the quasi?

I did buy the quasi plate for my skates. The economy plate is ok, but the difference in quality is definitely noticeable between the two plates Depends on what strength you need I bought 3/16" thick economy plate first time. But decided 1/4" would better, so I bought that in quasi…

Here’s a few pics to show the difference. Shows Economy textured and smooth. Quasi textured and smooth (high gloss). Definitely a difference in strength and quality,



Thanks so much for the info and pics that’s tremendously helpful!

Sure thing @Bender. Check around but Dragon Plate does have some good quality plate albeit kinda expensive.


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