Source for hub motors

Hello! Do you peeps have any preferences on where to buy hub motors? I’v heard many good things about Maytech’s motors, do they make reliable hub motors? Also I’v seen mixed reviews on torqueboards and their quality.

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Hummie hubs

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I have new Mad Hubs for sale. Those are probably best hubs after hummies

Does hummie have a website or do I have to track down the hubs?

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How much would you sell 1 mad hub for?

Here you can read abour hummies:


I am selling mad hubs with 195mm wide paris clone front truck, two new Popoca wheels and 4 spare sleeves for 260 eur:

TB DD! :heart_eyes:


while nice it is NOT a hub motor

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Would you mind weighing the motors for me? I’m trying to build a lightweight board.

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if you want light weight try meepo, mad hubs and humie hubs are bothe heavy for light weight builds

You will be better off with a single drive belt tbh, hubs aren’t good in single drive and you can get less weight out of a lightweight single 6355 belt build as the complete drivetrain is under 1kg

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What makes the single drive belt better opposed to a single hub? Is it the torque? Just wondering, as I already have 2 90mm meepo hubs.

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Hubs need be bigger vs with gearing to stay cool. A single hub isn’t much motor

more torque a single hub isnt very strong and has a really hard time braking,and hill climbing

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they need to make 97s cuz they too damn small