Space cell broken switch, recommended replacements?


The button on my Space cell pro 3 broke as it sticks out from the bottom of the board as was very exposed to damage. I ordered a new button on ebay, this one:

However, I’ve tried all wiring combinations on the back of the switch and the switch function is not working. If I wire it with one combination the BMS powers up but pressing the switch wont power it down. Is this the right switch to choose? if so what techniques can I try to make the switch function properly, if not, can anyone recommend a good switch?

Get one with 3 prongs, latching, SPDT, 12v and 5a+

Got any links for one you would reccomend, and any idea why this kind if switch doesnt work? Why 3 prongs?

Try and search switches on forum as Im sure there was wiring plans posted.

Do you own a multimeter? Are there any markings near the terminals (NO, NC, COM, 12) ?

I think this is what you are looking for…

12V 16A Car Auto Boat Blue LED x20 $9.49 + Free S&H

I replaced my encloser and switch. I mounted my new switch on the side so it wouldn’t get hit. You could do the same on the space cell enclosure. I got a rectangular rocker switch.

I ordered this one I’m guessing it the number of pins that determines if it works with the space cell, hopefully this one works.