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Space-cell fast charger. 100 V AC from negative to the casing?

So I was plugging in the charger to charge my space cell and held my fingers on the metal case of the charger and touched the negative part of the charging plug and got a small shock.
My question is, is it supposed to be current going from the negative of the charging plug to the metal casing of the charger?

I finally got around to checking this out with a multimeter, there’s 100v AC going from the neutral to the casing of the charger! No wonder it tickles.

So my question again, is it supposed to do that? I’m guessing not.


Yes and no. You should only be getting DC from that part of the plug, not AC. Something must be messed up with the (brick) for that to happen because it changes AC-DC over to DC for charging and if it’s bypassing that, we’ll let’s just say AC shorting out on you or anything will cause a huge problem.

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yuk. Nothing should be tingling like that.

Yea, after I did the tests and was putting the cables away the plug must have brushed against the casing and tripped the ground fault breaker in the apartment.

Well, there are things that are supposed to tingle, but a battery charger? Not so much

Haha that’s for sure. Test the battery itself and test the charger. Figure out where it’s jacked up. Hopefully it didn’t fry your battery. I do a bunch of 120/240/480volt work and I’ve learned that AC shorts out DC related stuff. It killed two of my cordless saws.

please send us an email via our website, and we’ll make sure to get your charger problem squared away!

It hasn’t messed up the the battery yet, have charged it a number of times already.
So guess I’ve been lucky.

Message sent through the web form now.

That’s good. It took 23 days for them to get back to you. Talk about slow customer service haha

Well, it worked so I didn’t pay much attention to it until now.