Space cell malfunctionig

Heres the video:

Whats wrong with my battery? Is it the BMS, indicator, cells, fuse???


I said not being kept in storage at the necessary voltage, led issue, or possibly bms

Yep! Anyone else?

Bumping !!

Nothing is wrong, the lcd is reading the charger voltage. You charger is pulsing, some kind of C-C charging

How do i fix it?

If it aint broke, dont fix it

So is the battery charging normally?

Engineer’s check: Keep it plugged in for a bit, if there’s no magic smoke, weird smell or excessive heat it’s probably fine. If the battery’s voltmeter reads a higher value than before, sounds like it’s charging :smiley:

You also could send a message to Enertion directly, they probably know more about this specific issue.

Sounds good!

There were two desoldered connections inside the board. Fixed it! Thanks for the help tho