Space Cell opened up

This will void your warranty! don’t do it unless you are totally confident in your ability to fix your own problems!

I did it with Jason’s permission when we were troubleshooting my dead space cell. It was just loose balancing plug wire in the end; nothing major.

once you cut off the shrink wrap, and you will find the battery wrapped in the plasticky yellow material (literally have no clue what it is…) With tape running along the sides.

The material is think and easy to cut, so when you are cutting off the shrink wrap you have to be careful not to cut to deep…

After you get off both layers of protection, and take out some foam from around the bms, you have a completely open battery.

Again, don’t be stupid by opening your battery, and then crying to Jason about it… just because I made this thread, does not make me responsible for you whatever you do to your battery.

In the pic above you can see the yellow stuff surrounding the battery- maybe someone knows what it might be… (I already took off the shrink wrap)

undo the screws, and you can see the BMS. don’t f*ing do it if you don’t need to!!!

bottom is covered too

Again, don’t take apart your $300 battery just for the hell of it- this thread idea was brought to my attention by someone (I said I was going to do it a long time ago, but just forgot) but I will delete it if people aren’t getting the right message…

It is like when ifixit tears down an iPhone in a youtube video: they aren’t telling you to do that to your iphone, but they are letting you know how it’s done and what could possily be a weak point. Just don’t abuse this knowledge or it’ll go away…

(but let’s be honest though: I’m pretty sure BlackBerries are the way to go- like no joke, blackberry makes some damn good phones now in days despite people thinking they are dead. All the pics you ever see me post were taken on my BlackBerry…sorry for the side rant #BlackBerryMasterRace)

Back to the task at hand: If your space cell has a problem, talk to Jason FIRST, and then, if he wants you to open it up, you do that after you have his permission… saying your battery broke AFTER you opened it up will get you no where…


Nice tear down! This will be very helpful when I go to break out my power switch and volt meter.

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Nice write up! I obviously voided my warranty haha. I already took mine apart and mounted my volt meter,power switch and charging port to the psychotiller 21 inch enclosure. The space cell is already pretty tight fit so i had to mount on the sides of the bigger part of the enclosure on the front. Also had to extend all the wire a bit to reach. I dont mind paying for a new one if my handy work fails though. I am honestly having so much fun building this thing i think i will be sad when i finish it!


haha that’s the eboard addiction, lol.

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after all that BMS talk the other day, im really curious to know how the SPACE cell BMS is hooked up. I can almost make it out from your photos, but I can see the charge port. (I assume the deans is the ESC power connection?)

a red wire from the other side of the pack goes to the charge port and the ground from the bms. another smaller power wire is also connected to the charge port that goes directly to the lcd display. if that helps i am assuming he changed his to a deans because mine is a xt60. also has a fuse right before there that i dont see on his.

drew up this diagram to help explain it:


here are some more close up pics too…

hope all this helps! the pics are kinda hectic, so that’s why I drew the diagram… maybe with a combination of both it will make the most sense.

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For some odd reason this thread makes me feel a bit weird… its like you have snatched my baby, gutted it, now are sending me photos of its innards, like some sick ransom-kidnap-gone-wrong scene from a snuff movie… :scream:

Fortunately, I have a new baby on the way 10S4P - 50A CONT BMS - NEW SWITCH - BUILT IN FUSE… it’s also in a shiny-black shock resistant ABS (tamper proof case) so people don’t disembowel-it & send torture pics of it to me.


I guess that’s one way to look at it, lol. Don’t worry though, you won’t see me destroying your v2 baby because my wallet won’t let me. :smile:

haha but like I said, if people prove to me that this knowledge is just too powerful for mortals, than it will magically disappear…

This website is about learning & education, so it should definitely remain.


sounds good!

I think I only stated like 42 times that I’m not responsible for anyone ruining their space cell, so I should be safe from blame, lol.

don’t worry ill just send anyone with a space cell problem in the US to your house for expert disembowelment advice.

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screw engineering, It looks like I’m going to be a doctor with this kind of experience :smile:

an abs case on the battery pack would eliminate the need to include it in the electronics enclosure making a split layout ideal. On the new version, where will the switch, power, and volt meters be located? Any chance they could be on the side of the pack?

edit: looking at that BMS in this picture set it seems like it could support up to 15S. There are 5 more balance lead solder points just waiting. I can’t help but feel like somebody’s going to try and stack in another 5 cell groups eventually.

i wondered that myself… where the switches and display will be since his new board design has the enclosure on the bottom. wonder if this pack is made for the first board or second board design.

the on/off, charge port, LCD display will be facing upwards (or downwards if you desire) on the new pack.

Personally I think anything on the bottom of a deck is a bad idea as no matter where you locate it, say the side for instance, it is still exposed to dirt, dust & blood & bone from rolling over and mincing tiny dogs.

If the components are upwards facing it is much less likely they will get damaged from blunt force impacts, of course if you ride in the rain water can still seep into the upwards facing parts, but that would happen if they were on the bottom also.

The NEW ABS Hard case will have a ip68 rated on/off switch and the LCD screen will be sealed to the case with silicone to help prevent moisture ingress. The charge port has a flush mounted rubber cap integrated into the case to seal the hole to help prevent moisture ingress.

When will this be available?

somtime next year…

having the volt meter on top is brilliant, but in my experience in Florida weather, you don’t want the power switch to be in a position where it can’t immediatey drain. If i put the switch on top of my decks where i live they would collect mud and water. But even when allowed to drain, they eventually stop working correctly.

which is why i’m looking for a membrane type click switch that is inherently waterproof.

I’m also experimenting with key switches, but the ones i found to try out seem pretty cheap. They’re still worth testing though.