Space Cell Pro 3 cutt off


I got a space cell pro 3 and i’m currently using on a yuneec e-go (I know I will eventually fry the ECU but this is not the subject).

I was wondering if there is a safety feature on the battery to cut off before it gets empty or is is only the role of the VESC to stop drawing current? The yuneec ego cut off is not setfor 10S so it will never tell it to stop.

Also, what is 0% battery on a space cell? Is is unsafe? or is that ok to go to 0?


there is a bms so you should be safe. 0% should be 31-32v

It is okay to go to 0 just like going to E on your car. It’s okay once in a long while but not recommended. All zero means is low voltage. Space cell does have low voltage cut off so you shouldn’t have to worry about it