Space cell pro 4... dead after sitting in a drawer for 2 weeks?

Hi guys, I have a space cell pro 4, and my board has been broken for about two weeks due to me waiting and troubleshooting…but now that I go to reconnect everything I cannot get the space cell to power on, I cant get it to charge, Its a brick at this point. I have no idea whats wrong… No power to the VESCs or motor controllers… anything :frowning:

can anyone help me D:

you’re going to have to take it apart and measure voltages to find where your issue is at.

Have you measured the entire pack voltage or the individual cells?

unfortunately no :frowning: I came back to college this last weekend because we have a break earlier than most schools… and I left my meter at home :cccccc

@Kaly is there any way I can bring this to you in a few weeks and you can diagnose this for me? Ill be in your area for the whole break… im just not confident enough in my abilities to do this :x