Space Cell Pro with DIY ESC


I currently have DIY’s Electric Skateboard Motor 6374 230KV 3200W with the TorqueBoards 12S 120A Car ESC with a 6S lipo battery. (Works beautifully)

I want to use Enertion’s SPACE CELL 3 PRO enclosure/battery pack with my mechanics/esc

I was wondering if there are any limitations or compatibility issues (I already have a bunch of xt60 to 5.5mm male and female adapters for connections, so no issues there)

Thanks, -Roony

You should be fine with the space cell 3 pro. I believe has a 40a fuse and at 10s you should be well below 40a pull. Matter a fact I have run dual 6355 230kv motors total over 5000watts on 6s going full throttle uphill 10%grade and still didn’t break 40a. Well, rider weight does matter. I was 185lbs

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that is beautiful to hear thank you

You will probably have a few issues trying to run a hobby RC type speed controller with the bms on the space cell. Really need a vesc to be able to keep the amp draw and braking current within spec of the bms. This really depends on your riding style, an aggressive rider will pull a lot more power than a casual rider so if you keep you gear ratio low and take it easy on acceleration you may not have any problems.

My ration is 16/36 weight 185 lbs speed controller is from DIYElectricSkateboard and medium-to-aggressive style

any issues with this?

Its 50/50, personally I use a bms with a 90amp over-current protection on 10s and I can trip it if I set my VESC too high. On a full charge you will trip the overvoltage when applying the brakes if you have no way of controlling your regen current and voltage limit.

And this is why the VESC is killer, but doesn’t the DIY esc have limit controls also? I thought those guys were pricy, unless I’m confusing it with another esc…

You’re right, a little pricy. But I already have one so I’m trying to use it with my space cell

Personally, I have issues with low amps, and find you want 100 amps continuous max on the battery side. This is why the space cell was very disappointing for me. I nodded mine so I can get 50 amps instead of 30, and I notice a huge difference in top speed and torque on hills specifically.

Going up to 100 amps was even better.

How can you apply raspberry pi to the Space Cell Pro? What difference would it make?

I doubt you can do much with it, unless you plan on using it as a speed controller. You’d have to make the program from scratch or somehow repurpose existing speed controlled code onto the pi (However, I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere) The Space Cell comes with incorporated BMS

Ok, was just wondering. I have one. But not trying to dig in to much just yet. I want to get my first build going. Then once I cruise for a min. Build my own battery :battery: pack :package:.