Space cell sp3 Draining quick

Hello a friend of mine who has the space cell 3 is having problems with it and asked me to post here to see if anyone knows how to fix it. So he has had the space cell 3 for about a year now and he says its not charging to 100% it stops at around 95% and that the battery drains faster…which didnt happen before. My common sense will tell me that he needs to re calibrate the battery? I am not sure how this works or if theres another method he can use to get his battery to normal? Any feedback will be appreciated

My money is on broken weld on one or more cells. Almost guaranteed.

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I concur with @Jinra this is why I solder the nickel strip to the cells

crack it open and measure the 3p groups - look for a low volt group or bad connection.

I actually had an issue similar. One of my BMS connections was hot-glued instead of soldered. It was causing my board to the only charge to 96%, but re-soldering that fixed it. I haven’t had any issues in 2-3 rides with the charging.

How would he do this? He has experience soldering but has no idea how the batteries work on the pack

Look for loose connection, solder it. No need to move anything around.

This is the pic he sent me to point him to what connections he should check.

The connections on the battery terminals

Broken sense wire circled… 2min fix, resolder and shrink

But the reduced performance could indicate a break somewhere else


I have exactly the same issue, battery charges only up to 92%.

I see he just saw that. He asked me if he should just wrap it with electrical tape after he is done or?

Yes just wrap it in electrical they have some really good stuff at Home Depot also u can order heatshrink but it will take a while to arrive