Space cell wont turn on

The battery of the space cell won’t turn on after a ride and it shows that it would be 100% charged. Please help me. I have opened it and found all the wires in place. What will I do. :frowning:

Which switch do you have? The circle push one or the toggle switch one?

The toggle one

I don’t think it is a problem with the switch then.

EDIT: Can you send some pictures of the inside?

I’m now In school mabye in 15 miutes sorry.

Here it is

What is all that duct tape on the top right for?

I tried to insulate it from dust

Ok… I don’t think you really need to insulate from dust. Anyway, I would let some people who own Space cells chime in now @cmatson @carl.1 @lowGuido @longhairedboy

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If the switch was broken the battery wouldn’t turn on so this part is fine. Have you checked the fuse?

Inside the black part next to the XT-60 connector (Where you have done the dust protection).

In my case the fuse block stopped working at some point. Intact fuse but no power on the plug so I removed the fuse block, but I don’t recommend to eliminate the fuse!!!

I don’t think that it’s the fuse. I changed it already and there was nothing I also tried to bypass the switch but still nothing. I still need help.

The display shows 100%? That means the space cell is on and your switch is good! Like I said my fuse block wasn’t able to transfer current to itself. Do you have something to measure the voltage?

EDIT: In fact I had two broken fuse blocks now, so this seems to be the most logic for me.

The space cell only shows 100% when its plugged in. And the fuse is fine I think.

Ah okay I missed that! Sorry If you have bridged the switch and nothing happened I’m out. Your BMS looks different then mine and I don’t know how the soft switch works.

remove the wires from the switch and short them manually to see if it turns on. even rockers can suffer mechanical damage, i have broken a few myself. The easiest way to make a rocker switch useless to to leave the soldering iron on the terminal for too long. The parts inside melt and from the outside you can barely tell anything wrong.

If that doesn’t work the problem is likely in the BMS, which means it would need to be replaced. The BMS can continue to charge if the built in soft-switch that the rocker switch controls is faulty.

BTW i really like the new space cell BMSs and i may order some like it and start using them in my builds.

I tried to do the wire thing. It’s the circuit. Thanks for the help. Where can I find the bms.

email [email protected] and see if they can tell you where they came from or where they can be ordered. I have some on my bench but they’re allotted for warranty repairs. Somehow i think yours will not be considered to be within warranty at this point, so it won’t be a free fix.

as @longhairedboy mentioned please email us and we will make sure your Space Cell is working ASAP!

The space cell is totally broken by now. I have no idea to fix it and no company in Finland would ship it to Belgium to get fixed. So the problem is that when I turn the battery on nothing happens and I have tried to do everything. I looked the circuit thing and soldered the cells together and nothing. Here is a picture. Please help and comment. P