Spacecell -- L3 Fix?

So im having the issue that i know ive seen once before on here. ive searched hi and low and i cant find the fix.

My spacecell3 after being mounted is now showing L3 where as it once said something 10.

i know why. I know what i means. How the hell do i fix it?

If i press down on the BMS, which by the way is hot glued on top of the meter, it changes from 100% to Voltage and back.

Is there another button somewhere? HOw the hell do i get the BMS Unglued from the meter?

Why the fuck does a $300+ product still come like this??

Thanks for your help

Turn your board off. Hold the button on the back of the display while turning on the battery. There are like 10 threads on this already. Not sure what you searched.

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As I said, I know I’ve seen it before. My multiple searches did not yield anything you’ve posted.

I just searched space cell display. What did you search?

It was clearly never tested sadly. the two chips should have been placed side by side to prevent this

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There’s also not a lot of space between the top of the boards and the top edge of the enclosure. So if you screw it in all the way down, the bottom of your deck may touch top of the board. When I moved my BMS to get it off of the display button, I kept it on top of the display, but just a cm over. I secured it with some velcro. Moving the BMS put it at a slight angle and along with the velcro it raised it to put enough pressure on my space cell enclosure to crack it. There was likely a slight defect on my space cell enclosure to begin with, but something to keep in mind when moving your BMS.

My spacecell enclosure cracked and broke around two of the corners

Which corners? The corners of the enclosure or the corners of where the display cut out is?

No the corners where the bolts go through So I had straps on it just in case more broke