Spacecell pro fast charger?

I’m looking to charge a little faster and of course all the enertion parts are discontinued. Does anyone know what the max amperage is for the spacecell input or a particular fast charger that may work with it?

The fast charger is 4 amps with a 5.5x2.1mm header. You can find them on aliexpress or ebay pretty easily.

This charger was recommended a while back, just choose the jack Jinra mentioned

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Do you have a link to the original “slow” charger? I’ve seemed to lost mine and have no idea where to get a new one.

Thanks y’all, I appreciate it!

36V 2A battery charger Output 42V 2A Charger Input 100-240 VAC Lithium Li-ion Li-poly Charger For 10Series 36V Electric Bike

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Wow had no idea those 4 amp chargers were so cheap! Thanks for the links!

My charger broke, are those spec what you recommend?

what battery did you have, space cell?

Yes, I have the space cell pro 4.

The one I linked is fine. though you can pick up a 4a version if you want to fast charge.