Spare belts laying around

Anyone got old or unused htd 335-5m-15 they have no use for? I’ve been waiting for 2 months to finish my build. Belts and charger have yet to arrive and I’m starting to feel desperate. If you have em laying around and feel they need a new home, send em to Canada where I’ll put them to great use in these hellish streets :slight_smile:

I know I have a few random 3xx belts. I can look tomorrow

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Got any good news for me?

Just found out I probably need 345 and not 335

Sorry. Today got away from me.

*and i don’t check here much. Usually on esk8news lately .

No problem. Btw you can pm me there if you like. Same username

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I’ve got 320 and then 360. Could have sworn i had 345 for sure. Maybe i gave them away already… Sorry dude.

15mm width?

No problem thanks for looking

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Yes. 345-5m-15

can’t help you then, not sure how common 15mm wide belts are around here.

I had in mind they were the most commonly used belt on esk8

u know what, you’re right. for some reason i was thinking 20mm.

yea most common are 9 and 15mm.

i’ll take a look in my nest of belts, see if i got any.