Spare VESC in Holland or Europe?

Hé guys!

I Just build my normal electric skateboard with a car Esc (hobbyking hk ss 190-200a esc). Now the only way to break is with my foot in the road or to configure the esc Brake to “on” but the brake just has got 1 setting, full brake so you fly of your board and head dive into a car window of something deadly. So I need a Vesc but I can’t and dont want to pay 40 euro’s for shipping.

So does anyone of my electric board riding friends have a spare VESC in Holland or a company that sells from Europe ?

This build has already taken me 8 months. And its Summers here so I just want to ride my board.

Hope you guys van help me. Thanks!


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Take a look this thread

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I have a pair of Vanda VESC I could let go, see my build thread for photos (in Ireland). It’s brand new 4.12 model, I read that the vesc should have maybe 3 caps but they were made to exact vedder specs so have inly one, I can include the spare caps at no extra charge for soldering in parallel afaik. Fitted with xt90 plugs.

I’ll eat the shipping cost but would like what I paid $110

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Hey @K.kris

I have some spare VESC and located in Germany, so shipping is no big deal. I am really impressed with the breaking capabilities of the VESC. We have steep hills here and it is just as awesome going them up with a hell of accelaration then having not to worry about going down. Breaking is very smooth and strong (depends on setting). I am riding 6374 190kv and 10S setup.

The VESC(brand new) is 120€ including shipping. Can solder some XT90S on it as well.

Regards Sebastian