Sparkle v1.0 GT2B enclosure mod by OKP


thanks ! I didn’t designed this but it was made by a french member of my forum on my DIY custom carbon radio which I’m riding for several years now. I’m actually modeling an improvement that fits my freestyle requirements and that I can put in the pocket which still using GT2B components.



I printed the first version but the scale was wrong … so it was useless. a bit disappointed but that’s DIY. I might try again with the new version but I was waiting for someone to confirm that the scale was now correct.

@akira was it this one:

@Charster10 I think so … but I will check tonight.

Ok, let me know if you find/make one to the right size please!

Looking at the comments in thingyverse, I see that the size has been correct in june. I have not tried to print it since then (I use 3Dhubs, I have no printer on my own … and to throw 15euros away again makes me a bit reluctant … ;-))

I can give it a go if you want :slight_smile: @akira

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Which is the one you tried?

I’ll tell you tonight … I am at work now :wink:

okp is pretty much the same size as badwolf v2 and baby buffalo

@akira @Charster10 @unikboards

heres it with mad munkey

@akira @Charster10 @unikboards

You mean the new version ? Because the one I printed was much smaller …

Can you upload the working size pf Okp’s to thingiverse so people can print it please?

he updated the files to the right scale

pls print one,i dont have a 3d printer and i have to use 3dhubs to get it printed. i wanna see if it works first before i print it

heres the link to okps mod

Sure thats the correct one? Ill start printing if it is @Russell23

yep, it says on the summary that its been updated to the right scale and its the file that i used in 3dview