Specific 10s BMS question. Did i get the wrong one?

So I ordered a 10s BMS. I’ll add a screenshot of the product. And received this:

Did I get the wrong thing? Cause i can count 8 red, 9 black. Should be a 8s BMS? Right? but… why is there 9 black? shouldn’t there just be 1 black?

There is no useful diagram on the listing. And it didn’t come with instructions. The label on the bag says V-24-36-H




try taking the metal panel off, often the pcb will have cell number / position printed on it.


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Well the metal panel is glued, and there is nothing under the green isolation paper.

Though, from the side i see this: number 1-10 + 11-17. And the PCB name CF-20s90A-A.

But could it really be a 17s BMS? Feels unlikely…?

20181220_181658 20181220_181707

they use the same pcb for varying series count modules.

can you take a photo of the balance lead port?

you best bet is to contact the seller for a wiring diagram.

also a cursory google search of that pcb # leads me to this:


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Yeah it is possible they have the full connector but not everything soldered to it. Odd choice but it is hard to tell from the pics if that is what happened


This is what the connector looks like.

I sent a message to the seller, so eventually that should sort it. But just I really big bummer cause I just soldered up my 10s2p and was gonna finish the board after Christmas…