Speed and Range Deficiency?

Two questions

I built an electric longboard two years ago using the following parts:

1 - 5055 280kv electric brushless motor

1 - Hobbyking 150A EZRUN

2 - 5000mah 11.1v 3 cell lipo in series to make 6s 5000mah battery

90mm wheels 16 tooth motor gear 40 tooth wheel gear

rider weight + board weight - 165

the cruising speed was only about 12 mph, with the top speed being only 13mph. The range was about 5 miles and crapped out then because of the voltage cutoff on the esc, and the bluetooth phone app I was running with an rfduino and a regular arduino running off of a 9 volt battery drained it.

Did i do something wrong? why was the speed so low? was it the high kv rating and a low torque(and large wheels)/low number of cells?

Now I know more and am building a V2. The parts I bought are listed below, they are shipping right now:



4 - 5000mah 3 cell 11.1v lipo high discharge batteries in series to make a 44.4v 5000mah battery.

Same trucks and wheels and gears/belt: 90mm wheels 16 tooth motor gear 40 tooth wheel gear

rider weight + board weight - 175

Assuming i set the vesc up correctly, what should be the top speed and range(assuming I run it around 15-20 mph for its full battery life(assuming the 80% rule as to not damage the lipo’s)).

Thanks in advance!

Top speed will be around upper 20s low 30s. And range will probably be around 10… but honestly it depends on how you ride. In theory my battery should be able to bring me almost 20 miles, but i ride hard so i get closer to 12. Search esk8 calculator or esk8 range calculator.

@ROFEN13 Thanks that answers my second question. what do you think about my first? Also, the range calculator only says it should go 4.2 miles and 30.24 mph max

Screenshot_20180627-182744_Chrome Screenshot_20180627-182732_Chrome

huh i must have written something wrong. sorry for the wasted time and energy thanks @ROFEN13!

You didnt! Also, i have no idea why you only got 13 max speed on your last build. Maybe a setting with the esc, or the remote?

@ROFEN13 why does that page show lipo to be 4.2 volt when it is actually more like 3.7(3.86) fully charged

Because lipos are supposed to be charged to 4.2 per cell. I think we found your performance issue!