Speed limit switch


I just realised esk8’s faster than 25 km/h are illegal in Belgium. I say fuck the government and the police for this stupid rule but i don’t wanna get my board impounded neither.

I was thinking of adding a speed limit switcher. So when you ride busy roads where the chance of police encounter is big you limit the speed to 25 km/h and when i ride the small roads where that chance is smaller or nihil i can disable the speed limit with a switch.

I’m building the Firefly remote from @solidgeek and was thinking of implementing a switch in the remote. Maybe even a hidden switch or combination of switch/button presses (like console cheat codes :wink: ).

I have quite some experience with hardware but firmware/software is a soft spot for me. Anyone wanna help me accomplish this and be my (and even others) hero?

yes use a metr. you can change the speed limit on the fly on your phone

I don’t quite know what you mean

use that search bar up top. it’s a Bluetooth module, with an app, which you can change vesc settings with

Oh okay. I searched it but google didn’t know what i meant.

I have a focbox unity. I just saw the vesc app in the play store and saw that you can set profiles in that app (Benjamin Vedder’s app) but i don’t see anything like that in the focbox unity app.

I also don’t wanna hold my phone and a remote at the same time while riding so maybe an option on the remote itself.

no. search metr in the forum. you’ll see it

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use flipsky’s remote you can select speed modes on it with a quick click of a button :slight_smile: