Speed too SLOW after flashing firmware

Hi Builders.

I’ve flashing my VESC v2.18 PBC v4.1.0 but when jump on the board it too slowly (about 5km/h I guess).

Before It was work great 30-40 km/h. Please help me take a look.

your battery cutoff is at 28V - what kind of battery are you using?

I’m using 8s

Lipo or Lifepo? Whats the voltage?

Lipo 4.2v max

You should be able to go higher on your battery max amps setting with Lipos. What are the specs on your 8s Lipo? mah? C rating? Oh, just noticed your running FOC. Could be your FOC settings. Still 25a seems low for batt max amps

Check your nunchuck settings under app config too - make sure your band is calibrated correctly.

25A seems low (half of what it should be) on batt max unless you’re running dual. I didn’t see multiple esc over CAN ticked off so I’m assuming you’re on single.