Speedy I 37 pintail I Alienpowersystems 270 kw motor I Space cell 3 I Vesc

This is going to build my first build.

I tried to save as much money and still make a high quality board. I really want to use the space cell pro3 but feel free to suggest Lith-ion battery alternatives. Theese are the parts I have decided on so far. (already have a remote)

Trucks = caliber II 50 Wheels and bearings = 90mm flywheel clones with abec 7 Motor plate = enertion Pulley system = Diy´s 16-36 pulleys including belt. Motor = http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/alien-6355-outrunner-brushless-motor-190kv-2200w/ ESC = Vesc Battery = Space cell 3 Deck = Originalskateboards pintail 37

This should bring the total to about to 689USD

Do you have anything that could be improved on this build or parts that you can recomend.

Do you really think the space cell will fit under this board? The rest looks good! Which remote do you want to use?

The wheelbase on the board is 66cm and the space cell is 56.8. It might not go, but i will try. This was just a board that i had laying around. I have a 2.4ghz remote and reciver from an old rc car.

220kv is too high with 10s for the Vesc rpm limit of 8571 220 x 42=9240 You could blow the DRV chip on the Vesc For a very dependable setup use a 190kv motor

Okay, thanks for the feedback. Do you think this motor is good?


I own this motor it’s great !