Spikewheels ice racing mod

Mind if we suggest a fun little mod usable in most of your builds? (dual is best)


Really nice!!!

I’ve done similar on a bit bigger scale last year. But unfortunately this year winter is not really present in Hannover.

I used ‘screw spikes’ which could easily be added to any non-hubmotor longboard wheel: http://www.enduro4you.de/products/de/MX-Enduro-Technik/Reifen-Zubehoer/Spikes/Ice-Screw-Gold-Spikes-Hinterrad-1-2-Zoll.html


Both sick … def not flip flops as the footwear of choice

Cool idea for sure. I’m curious how this handles compared to the chains that @barajabali sells. I like that the wheels are still small.

One issue though is spit up from the wheels. @Duffman those guards are a pants saver, lol.

Thanks for the shout out but i dont think my chains can compare hahah

How these do perform on hard surface road like asphalt?

I imagine the sound could be quite astonishing…

So how much did you get to ride with them like this?

I assume I could do something similar but I would probably need shorter screws… as my tires wont have such thick layer of rubber :slight_smile:

They are not intended to be used on hard surfaces, as you grind down the sharp heads of the screws, which give you traction on ice.

Spikes with carbide inserts, like the ones @Mellow uses would be the better choice if you ride on a mix of ice and asphalt but even those would grind down and become useless.

The best is to use spikes only on snow and ice.

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