Spiral Bevel Gears Gearbox

Hi, everyone, I am trying to design a gear drive gearbox. This one can work for caliber trucks 180mm with 50XX or 63xx motors (8mm shaft) and ABEC11 83mm wheels. I use a 1:2 Spiral Bevel Gears (Now using nylon, pom or aluminum will be used in the future.) Everything goes smoothly it will sell 200 USD for one Now I am waiting for my new gear (the picture is 3D printed) Finally, I am sorry that my English is very bad.




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need more pictures, a video to hear the noise and also see it mounted to a deck.

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I am still waiting for the gear, the picture is by 3D print, and the test video will be added in the future.

Fun project! More pics and most importantly a video with audio.

How do you mount / fix the gearbox to the trucks? As it looks now the gear is not in center of truck axle

The gear needs to be with the wheel lock, it will be on the same axis as the wheel

I use an aluminum ring to fix the gearbox on the truck. IMG_5553

Yes of course. It just seems very hard to get gearbox, mount aligned correctly with casted trucks.

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Can’t say whether or not I want to buy one yet, but I am very interested to see how this turns out.

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I will add test videos next week, I am still waiting for new gears

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I would like to see how this comes out. In my case it would interesting to see how this could be used with MBS matrix II trucks.

I think I need to do more improvements. More pictures and videos.

He didn’t call them “caliper” hqdefault


Any updates on this? And 220 for one or a pair?

I made some changes and I will post updates on the weekends. 200~220USD for one

I made some updates. I changed the gearbox.


IMG_5569 Got some progress on the Mounts IMG_5570






Video I will update later


That looks great! Good job!

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Looks tight! :sunglasses:

What sort of ratio are you running?

Thanks for your compliment!

The wheel is 40T module 1.5 The motor is 20T The ratio is 2:1


Do you think you can fit 15:45 bro?

looks great…

how´s the drag/resistance when coasting/free wheeling?