Split angle set up for a fast board

All I did was shave 8 degress off the front and back. I should still have great turning radius. The baseplates that come with the 218s are 50s, so if I want I can just grab some new pivot cups and switch back to 50. I think my main problem now is technique

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psychotiller sells split angle trucks that carve really well while maintaining control at speed. he’s worth giving a search cuz I will use one of his for the front truck with enertion hubs so turning is less shitty. Right now I’m using them on my boosted for the same reason and jusus I carve like a madman now.

I ordered a set of those, but they never came :disappointed:

Did you message him? Keep in mind that he’s a 3 man army so its not impossible for him to loose track of your order. Just DM him on his insta with whatever proof of purchase you need and he’ll look out for you. He’s really cool about that stuff. Again tho, its only him responding to all of the messages he gets so be patient and occasionally follow up so he’s more likely to see it. In my case I was just with him in person and he built me a truck on the spot cuz he had spare parts. Like I said, super cool dude. lol

Try @370HSSV he might have info

Where could I get such bushings? I just got my base plates and bushings from riptide and Randal respectively, and the geometry feels great, but there is definitely still some slop. Looks like the would need to be 5/8 OD 3/8 ID 1/8 thick washers, which seems really specific. I don’t know where I could find them.


sickboards brother. Or most decent skate shops Also look up caliber plugs. They are a boardside barrel with an insert built in.


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damn, fast reply. thanks for the help. I went with riptide 95.5 wfb bushings, so i will have to find another way of plugging the gap. Also, for the torqueboard 218s, would i get the caliber II plugs?

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Venoms do just the inserts. Little ring that fills the hole.

Use whatever with tb.

alright. what about the riot rings?

According to venom’s site, those are 8mm thick, but it looks like i only need ~3 mm. Wont they be much too big?

Not much point in using a compression element if it doesn’t compress.