Split angle set up for a fast board

I know this topic has been talked about a lot, and I’ve browsed almost all of the mega-threads, but I cannot make a final decision as to what I should run.

My board is an evo falcon 40, which is 10 degree dewedge in the rear, and 10 degree wedge in the front. My trucks are currently the TorqueBoards 218, and I have to keep the hanger. I’m planning on replacing all my bushings and pivot cups with riptide 96a, prob barrel/barrel in the front, and barrel/chub (chub boardside) in the rear.

My real question is what angles should I be shooting for to achieve a rock solid build. My board will easily go 30 mph, it feels like it wants to go 40 mph. End goal is to feel rock solid at 35 mph.

Finally, it seems like randal 35s, caliber II 44s, and then the stock 50s are my three main options. Are there any compatibility problems with randalls or caliber IIs?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Bring this up with @Deckoz on the other fourm. He’s got his evo dialed in.

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What other forum?

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What is this forum then? If you are promoting, please stop, but if that site truly has something to offer over this one, then I will check it out. Thanks for the tip.


:eyes: word

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One thing it does have is members that are knowledgeable. If you ask for advice here you won’t be getting any feedback


Alright. I disagree, as I have gotten lots of good advice on here, and people such as @Eboosted and @b264 are examples of people with tons of experience. I’ll check out the other site though, thanks for the help.


Both forums have a lot of people willing to help new and old builders, the most helpful members are in both places, so it’s up to you to look for help on any forum. @moon was not trying to promote his own forum, he is just another nice member giving you some friendly advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Back to your original question, I’ve found bushings depend on your riding style and weight, it’s one of those parts you need to try to make upyour mind. So, I’d suggest get a feeling on the original bushings with no modifications and go from there, I bet you will love the ride as it is because the original dewedged deck is already pretty stable

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I run an 39 evo on 218’s capable of 40mph. riptide wfb are the ticket. 95.5a in the rear and 88 in the front. top and bottom. Keeps the rear end from walking on you and keeps the front nice and loose for carving. Get the riptide pivot cups for 218’s too. Then some insert bushings for the kingpins to stop truck slop. This works for me at 100 odd kg.

Remember though. Nothing is stable at over 30mph if you don’t know what you’re doing. Serious. You have to have had experience of fast downhill before getting on a board that can do those speeds because no matter the set up most of it is user skill.

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Good to see people using spit angles…

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Alright. I disagree, as I have gotten lots of good advice on here, and people such as @Eboosted and @b264 are examples of people with tons of experience. I’ll check out the other site though, thanks for the help.

Absolutely. They :metal::sunglasses:

I did try riding it. Super unstable over 25. I think I’m just gonna drop down the angles a bit, but if you think just changing the bushings out will make a big diff, I’ll start with that

re you riding stock baseplates?

Noted about the practice. Before I built up my esk8, I was riding the Evo around with some normal trucks and wheels. Super fun, Rock solid up to 25+. I was carving some nice big turns at 20+, and I was learning how to slide to a stop with some downhill gloves. But obviously this is not enough. Due to making mistakes as I’ve built my board, my project is getting real expensive. Is there any way I can practice for cheap? Also, any general tips on how to ride?

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Designed for 50’s

I would go to a randal 35 plate and a Randal 50 plate unless you have a 50 cal plate. Then upgrade the pivot cups. Then see how it feels to you. And if you still don’t like it you will have to find the ride bushings for your weight. Brad miller on the other forum would be able to help you out since he knows the most about bushings.

Unfortunately this isn’t 100% true. Some of the most knowledgeable guys don’t come here unless reminded to or at all.

And alot of the people left still here giving advice don’t know what they’re talking about. Lol

This place use to be super helpful. But its gotten worse and worse every month.

Do it. Stock bushings suck in most truck (at least esk8 trucks)

Tons of videos about stance on YouTube. Keep your weight forward, bend knees.

Pretty sure that deck was designed for 50° baseplates so I would start with bushings and cups. ( some good washers would probably help toooo)


I switched out to 42 degree baseplates, just for some added stability. final setup is 52/32. Got some riptide 96a wfb bushings and pivot cups. Im going to do some practicing with no electronics, just the trucks and board. I’ll do some research on youtube. Thanks for the tips


This guide was super helpful for me dialing a solid stance at high speeds https://forum./t/foot-braking-riding-and-tuck-tips/1614

I don’t have an evo falcon but I have 30/60 split setup with TB218s, riptide pivot cups, Krank 93 Cannons in all 4 positions except the rear boardside, which is a Magnum, with flat washers. Sucker sails at 35mph, most stable set-up I’ve found so far

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Please run 50 degree baseplates. With the right bushings they just work. Landyachtz sell the complete evo with bear trucks and guess what degree the baseplates are?

The deck does the split for you. Thats the whole point.