Split ppm question

For split ppm, do you have to use a ysplit ppm or can you use 2 separate ppm and connect it to the receiver? Like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpovd2XRKqc?

Currently using this remote with 2 VESC 4.12 from diyelectric https://www.amazon.com/XCSOURCE-Transmitter-Controller-Skateboard-OS917/dp/B073GX83NH

Also, in the forums i keep seeing that people need to cut the 5v line. Which line is that? Sorry, kinda new to dual motor setup

On some remotes, that remote being one of them, you can use 2 receivers. So you have 3 options:

  1. Split PPM
  2. CANBUS master/slave
  3. Dual PPM (some remotes)

I prefer #3 on receivers that support it, like the Mini Remote you linked. You’d need an extra receiver.

Also, keep in mind that you can have traction control with a can bus master / slave setup.

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Yes. However dual PPM can give you redundancy so if one drive train malfunctions for any reason you have another one still running – aka: you still might have brakes. #1 could have that depending on the specific failure, and #2 will almost never have that. #3 will almost always have that.

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yeah, i’m just having trouble setting up canbus. I’m not sure if I fried my canbus or maybe the settings are wrong, but only the master motor spins while the slave doesn’t

So it wouldn’t be possible to just use 2 PPM and connect it to the mini’s receiver like the video right?

For dual PPM, would the settings be the same as split ppm?

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Yeah, that’s “Split PPM”

For any of the PPM options you can configure each ESC independently so they could be the same, or different. Your choice. I’ve never used CANBUS so I don’t know about that one.

Damn, am I the only one using the NRF over CAN on this forum? #Feelsbadman

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So for split ppm would this work? https://www.amazon.com/12-inch-Servo-Y-Cables-Pack-5/dp/B007XP0NXE

I don’t think so; one of the connectors is male instead of 3 female ones.

I would highly recommend just soldering them though and then coating all connections with some sort of conformal coating for waterproofing

The connector in the receiver itself I wouldn’t solder

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And cut the middle cable on one plug to one of the vescs :wink:

Its early.

Here it’s late… other side of the world :joy:

so I have two male to male ppm cables. if i just connect the two male ends to the female would that work? I’m not sure if trust my own soldering skills hehe

I think the cutting the 5v cable was discussed above anyway so there

I asked the same question some time ago. More replies than you can shake a stick at.

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Can be…can’t hold up to all the stuff I read :sweat_smile: And thought better to mention than it got lost :relieved:

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