Spot welder in bay area california?

anyone selling a decent spot welder or offer welding service around here? don’t want to ship cells and would like to try to get the best conductivity with spot welding…maybe do multiple tabs stacked or something.

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DIY it :slight_smile: ten characters

Well I’m a hour north of you @Hummie (Santa Rosa)

I wouldn’t mind letting you borrow mine, mine only goes to 100 amps and the spots welds are pretty strong, never tried to actually use more than two Ni tabs at one time though.

I could also weld your pack for ya too.

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maybe I can drive up and we could do it on a weekend?

Have you ever tried welding copper? I read the resistance of the metal must be enough to create enough heat and copper being so conductive it won’t heat enough but I’d like to try. Maybe using really thin/small copper tabs. I have a bunch of thin copper we could try.

I could diy and would like to convert one of the many microwaves I see on the street but …another time.

I haven’t tried it in a while. When I did try it left burn marks but no weld, 2nd try I upped the amperage but then I started to pop the internal fuses. Be my guest at trying to weld them haha. I’m assuming this will be for those Fat Hubs your got in, honestly I think it would just be easier to solder the copper to the Ni tabs, downside is the fact it takes up more space.

How fat are the hubs :slight_smile:

could I possibly meet you next weekend and we could try something?

the hubs are 80x 101 dexter. if you find my thread on here it shows them.

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