Spot welder needed NL

Anyone in the Netherlands who has a spot welder and is willing to help me out to build a battery…I do not want to invest on a device that i am going to use once maybe twice :slight_smile:

Hi man, I hope you’re able to find someone nearby.

On a sidenote, you could make a spot welder for cheap. All you need is an old microwave a youtube vid and some creativity :slight_smile:

Or this nice device.

Kevin dark also does nice batteries in the UK though.

good luck!

Hi Man, thanks for the messages, have to source a microwave :))) which are not that easy to come by around here :slight_smile: There is another option with a small motorcycle battery a relay and a switch but still it needs a bit of research and and sourcing the parts. I do not want to sound as being lazy or something but i just need a spot welder for 10 min …i have my 18650 batteries, the strips and the connection diagram. I am willing to travel to that person who can help me :slight_smile: no need for sending stuff or anything …

this is another thread about it, hope this helps you! btw where do you live?


awesome thread man, thanks a bunch. I live in Hilversum :slight_smile:

Ah nice, I live in Groningen (just finishing my first build) dit is ook misschien een goede

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Got my Arduino spot welder in this week! Going to be making a 10S4P pack. Can make one for you if you need! Living in Amsterdam btw

hey man just wanted to let you know before you take the time to make that spot welder, you shouldn’t. I was in the same situation as you and decided to make one from a microwave. I don’t know if its the current that is wrong or what it is exactly but the welds damage the nickels strips and the battery as well. It has really caused more problems than It has helped. Just wanted to let you know before you try to do that. I would recommend the Arduino spot welder those look to work very well.

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If you still need a battery, hmu

Thanks for the reply man, I was not going to do it because it is quite difficult to scavenge for a non working microwave and then it is a bit of a perilous activity even if it looks/sounds to be easy. As mentioned i only need the spot welder for 10 minutes and it is not worth it to do the research and run about trying to find a microwave and built it just to use it once maybe twice. This is why we got forums and i just love it how quick people react and are willing to help :slight_smile: hope i can by of any help to someone in the near future as well :slight_smile:

i have the arduino v3 in bussum

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Awesome :)) when do you have time ??? :smiley: i’ll bring all the stuff i just need 10 minutes or so :slight_smile:

My number is 06 41050321 u can watsapp me