Spot welder needed uk

Hi I have cells/nickel strip/copper braid if possible can some nice ppl in uk help out a brother with a spot welder. only needed for 1 battery pack will’s a pain in the arse and the wife’s already not happy with the fact I keep building boards/spending money… cheers

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I could weld a pack up for you, whereabouts are you?

North west …u?

Essex. Could mail them i suppose?

You might want to try and find someone a bit closer though and have me as a last resort :joy:

Where north west ?

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Thanks @darkkevind might be on the cards yet and I’m near burnley if anyone knows where it is cheers.

Ok I’m a bit further north west.

Where abouts if u don’t mind me asking @2-alex-2

West Cumbria

I used to work in dumfrise and Still closer than Essex any chance u have some spare time would pay and also sweeten the deal in some way… parts/tattooing (been a tattooist for about 12 yrs) @2-alex-2

Also pyrography my currant deck


that is awesome Leon!

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Thanks It was just to try burning tattoo flash into wood

the boy’s got talent!

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There is a guy on here from Shrewsbury who has been making packs on the uk-esk8 group not sure of his user on here but probably closer and easier.

Cheers still holding out hope someone will see this thread and chime in with some good news haha

I need one too Is there someone near bath?

@Trans-amers think @darkkevind is in Essex no one els yet near u


If I did it, it would have to be done by post. You could get the cells sent direct to me and then I could send you the pack…

I am also in the South West, would be good to know if there was someone close to Bristol that can build packs…