Spot Welders that work in the U.S.?

I’m in the market for a spot welder but it looks like all the Sunkko spot welders trip breakers or just don’t work on the U.S.'s 110V sockets. I could be misguided on this though.

Can anyone recommend a good spot welder that works in the U.S? My budget is $200.


A sunkko 209a


Thanks for the advice, but I can’t seem to find where to buy this thing.

DONT get this one… it sux balls


Looks like Amazon doesn’t even carry it anymore

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What does everyone think about this one? Its Amazon’s top rated one.

with $200 budget i’d recommend the @aulakiria’s arduino spot welder, then splurge on a really good 3s lipo pack.

i have the sunkko, using it in a new building so tripping breaker wasn’t an issue for me.

but the boss welder is SO MUCH better, just make sure you back it up with a great lipo pack.


I’ll check it out, thanks!

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If u want a sunkko I’m in California hit me up

I actually have the arduino one but I just can’t seem to work with it. I have trouble getting the best settings for the current to travel through the wire to properly make spot welds. People originally recommended to double up on 0.15mm Ni strips but my welds pop loose after riding for a bit. It works fine sometimes and doesn’t weld at other times, but I learned that this was because I was doing all of my welds too fast. At this point I really do not know if I am using it correctly…

willpark, I’d be down to take a look at a sunkko - are you located in SoCal? I’m in Orange.

Do you have the Boss Arduino or the one from Malelectrics?

I have the latter and it works great.

What settings and what are you using to power it in either case?

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i found weak inconsistent welds with the arduino too. then attached a high amperage battery behind it. now the welds i’m getting is way stronger than the sunkko, but try out both see what you like better. @willpark16 is in irvine.

also, @ usernames so they’re alerted.


I have the former one, the Boss Welder. These are the last settings I had on when attempting to weld double-layered 0.15mm Ni. on some 18650s for a cell build.

The battery pack I am using to power it with is a 5000mAh 35C 56Wh LiPo pack.

@thisguyhere for sure; I think my issue with the arduino is diminishing power per weld due to the lipo pack & due to the wire handle welder. I have to increase power to compensate for the distance traveled, but by welding too fast I quickly reduce the quality of each weld. I think.

yea this is what was happening to me too, i was upping the timing to get some decent welds, and even then it was really inconsistent.

5ah 35c is actually a bit low, i bet if you threw another one of those in parallel you’ll see a big improvement.

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I feel that, at the cost of another battery ($75 - $80 US) I could just get a $100 Sunkko spot welder - less concern about inconsistency. I think it would work in my apartments garage, which runs on a separate breaker, though I’m not sure what it is rated for.

edit - @thisguyhere, this welder is only $100. The ones that everyone else seems to like to buy are only expensive due to the extra features IMO; the ability to charge batteries with the 788, or to be able to solder with the 209, along with welding. None of which anyone uses, ever. This welder, I think, may be the best option/price, unless space/breakers is a concern. What do you think tho?

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not sure, have zero experience with that particular welder…but sunkko seems to be making decent welders. but like i said, i’m finding much better success with the arduino welders so for me, there’s no going back.

see if that seller has a return policy so you can send it back if it sucks?

I know I’m late to this discussion but I figured I’d put in my experience.

I think the Sunnko welders are fine. Make sure you but a 110V version for the US and I’m sure you’d be fine. I think it’s overrated how “bad” they are. Really, they only reason I returned mine was because I got a model what didn’t support a welding pen (these are super useful!) and I wanted something portable and potentially “rechargable”, i.e used a lipo or something like that.

I bought the “boss” welder and have actually had a few issues with it, much like the poster above, I got very inconsistent welds. I’m finally splurging on a 100C 8ah pack as a final “hope this makes it work better” thing, otherwise I’m looking at the Maeletrics welder, especially because you can DIY it and make it cheap.

I think, if you want the “best” of the DIY style, you should check out the KWeld … but it will eat up most of the $200 and will still need a battery to be bought …

Just my 2 cents … hoping the new lipo fixes my inconsistences with the “boss” …

Pay a bit more and get K-Weld… My “Suckko” will be on sale once i get it.

I am just now seeing this post as well. I have had the sunkko, and I now have the Arduino spot welder(maelectrics).

Don’t waste your money on the sunkko. The Arduino unit is cheaper, and it works much much better.

The sunkko works OK, but ive gotten much better results from the Malelectrics hooked up to a car battery.

FYI, if you guys go to your local auto shops you can probably find a used battery that they would happily give you for free(they pay to dispose of them).

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