Spring Trucks vs. Longboard Trucks?

What are the pros and cons to spring trucks on a carver board vs longboard trucks on a standard board? Trampa has both options now and both options support urethane and pneumatic wheels.

I will primarily be riding on pavement but I would also like to be able to go on grass and dirt paths on occasion.

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I would be in favor of longboard trucks. They will allow the best carving experience especially with precision trucks like ronin or surf rodz with great riptide bushings. I don’t think you can get a similar experience on springs. They’ll allow detailed tuning with regards to bushings and wedging/de-wedging your truck angles as well. Usually spring trucks are mostly for decks that have that angled lip on both ends so unless you wanna get those Trampa or MBS, mountain board decks you’re gonna need custom angled risers to use spring trucks on majority of longboard decks

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Thanks, I was leaning toward standard trucks. I actually have a set of ronins on my longboard. I was planning to go with carvon but if I can use my ronins than maybe an FOC belt driven setup would be a better choice.

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yeah ronins are definitely on the higher end of truck quality I think. They’re not as popular as caliber as far as mounts go but thats due to differences in design, much like Surfrodz as well. I’m planning on biting the bullet with surfrodz cause I feel like it would make all the difference as a couple of others on the forum would likely agree with :smile:

@sender and several others would swear by surfrodz so you can’t go wrong with those. I know that I’ll be going for them cause its spoken so highly of :laughing:


Surfrods are great as well. Unfortunately my ronins are only 180mm, is that wide enough for pneumatics?

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They might not be wide enough but you can check if your deck would allow for enough clearance!