Square magnet wire supplier? (for rewinding a motor)

I want to use square wire for my motors since it has better heat dissipation than round wire, plus i think it will look a lot better :P

I am having some trouble finding a source for it where I can buy only a couple pounds. Most places have a minimum order in the hundreds of pounds :anguished:

I did see a couple listings on alibaba, but since i have never used it before and I am hoping to get the wire fairly quickly I am hoping to find a US supplier.

Any ideas/suggestions?

What makes square wire dissipate heat better? More copper for the same gauge? Why not just go with a larger gauge?

It helps eliminate the air gaps in the windings. Heat transfers better in copper than in air.


This thread has some good info

So the application for this would be for re-wiring a motor? I thought you were referring to the phase wires.

Oh yea, sorry, should have specified that.

Please take into account that square or single strand motors could have significant drawbacks due to the skin effect and worse fill-factor.

Do you really have a motor that needs cooling (that its worth all this engineering)? Square wire is a PAIN to bend, it will also be very challenging to keep the insulating wire from breaking from the small radius bends.

pretty sure square wire would fill it better…

the wire is designed for this so im not too worried about it breaking. Bending will be a challenge, but whats the fun if it isnt :stuck_out_tongue:

If i cant find a supplier at a reasonable cost im just gonna get some 17-18ga off amazon

Do you happen to live in the Netherlands? I have so much more useful things to do for you than rewinding a motor xD ;).

Great link. Less air pockets trapping heat with square windings. And more copper. Two good reasons. What shape stator do you have that square is easier to fit?

From the link it seems your best bet might be a jewelry maker. But I’m more excited to use simple round silver wire!! Wonder how much that will cost. That’s some serious improvement potential it seems. Less electrical resistance. Better thermal conductor.

I think skin effect only happens at higher frequencies and the thicker the wire the better.