Squeeking bushings solution?


Anyone got any tips for squeeking bushings? They’re annoying the hell out of me!!


silicone grease

How long does it last for?

And which grease, Amazon has loads of em! Or just get any??

Thx loads!

Gulf wax. I found some in the grocery store for 4$.

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Yeah, i was gonna say, easiest way would be hand soap or wax. Make sure you cram it into that pivot cup too!

Here’s a tutorial: https://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/forum/longboard-and-skateboarding-trucks-bushings/70423-how-why-my-board-squeaking.html

I have had squeaky skateboards for ever never thought to do anything about it. THX

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Gulf wax found at Walmart $3-4 it also makes everything a lot smoother as well

I’m a firm believer in soap!

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I need to get me some wax

@oneafrikan I’ve tried the shaved gulf wax and soap but I prefer Armor All. I spray a little into the bearing cups and onto the bushings, wipe off the excess, and then reassemble. It makes the trucks the feel new again. It’s a silicone base, so it probably works the same way silicone grease does, but less messy. I reapply it every 4 months or so.

I used WD40 spray - it got the job done.

Please don’t do this! WD40 is not a lubricant, and its not very kind on rubber/plastic either! (Unless you’re talking about silicone wd40)

With wax you want to cut a piece that’s the same size as the pivot and really work it in with some force and on top of that maybe some shavings. This made my trucks so smooth I had to get harder bushings.

@treenutter which one, amazon has 779k results!!

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just use soap or wax