Squishy's girlfriend's build

I decided to make my GF an electric skate because she could actually ride mine without killing herself and I want to bring her along for rides…

She’s a good girlfriend, she works hard to make my life easier and does it without nagging and being a poo. She let’s me blow my money on stupid toys and projects and I don’t even have to lie or hide the packages. Here she is holding my favorite hybrid skateboard…what do you think? Does she deserve an eskate too?

She drew this up and cut it, I helped apply it. sick design eh?

she’s sort of an artist so I let her have full control of the design. She picked out the deck shape and color from Skateshred for 30 bucks. She picked out the Caliber trucks in the color she wanted and I threw on some clone 97mm’s I had lying around. It’s just a cheap motor mount, some HK pulleys and motor, HK vesc and 3 balance-board 4.400mah 36v packs for a range of about 25 miles at 18mph and it pulls up hills like a monster. I bought the aluminum box on Amazon for super cheap and riveted the DIY angle brackets on, they are made from some robot crap at Fryes Electrics.

Antispark on/off plug on the side in a 3d printed panel mount and you can see the xt90 antispark charging jack as well sticking out the back, this charges the board when it’s off.

I used a small OTG cable or micro to USB to extend the vesc usb to the outside of the box, and then just used a male/male usb to connect the BDLC tool, in this way I can access the vesc and make changes without ever taking the box off the deck or opening it up to service it. I included a charging plug next to it and the whole thing turns on with the simple and reliable anti-spark plug switch.

Here’s the external USB epoxied to the back of the case, too easy, I think I will begin doing this on all my future builds.

Sexy and ready to roll…

The bottom needs a sticker bomb or some art still, but I’m glad how clean it turned out and it’s super light compared to my big long range board, I almost want one for farting around town as well now…

It just shows these things don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be cool and original. I’m going to get her to paint the bottom and make it even more rad and then take her bar hopping in the city on esaktes…total cost was less than $500…


hell yes. I approve.


love it. doesn’t get anymore DIY than this. It’s great having a significant other that can join in on our hobby

I’m seriously going to get my wife on one this year.


you have 3 weeks left dude. I made a single motor 6355 build for my Girl too she loves it but now i have so many boards she will ride one of my Raptors when shes up for the speed increase lol. nice build man its always fun to ride with others.

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i’m already in 2018. lol


You too eh? Ya time travel can mess with ya. Great build OP :slight_smile:

Love the look of this build @squishy654 Simple and effective!!! I think I want to tackle something like this for my first build. Could I use this same motor / vesc setup with my Paris trucks? I’d just need to swap out my rear wheels with something that matches my ABEC Grippens…

I have a cheap mount that fits paris trucks, think I bought it on ebay a while back to check out and the truck still needed to be turned in a lathe and I don’t like the way the set screws hold it on or the looks of the mount but I did manage to mount the HK motor on some Paris trucks, so sure it’s possible, but it’s so much easier to just get the HK skate kit and upgrade some Caliber trucks so they work well-enough…if you just have to ride Paris it’s possible, but the drawbacks are not worth it in my opinion, the round hanger makes it difficult to make a good mount for it, I prefer very robust solutions for my builds that last a long time. Some hub motors rely on it though, so maybe look into hummies which use Paris…