Stainless Steel Motor Mount, Worth it?

Hi guys, I am doing my first build, i bought all the parts needed i am just waiting for them to arrive, since i live in Morocco (North Africa :grin: ) so with all the high shipping fees i am left almost broke and buying a motor month for 79$+55$ shipping is just way too much for a mount , so i decided to make my own but couldn’t find an aluminum piece that is small and cheap enough for me so i went with stainless steel i guess its stronger than aluminum but i dont see anyone using it is it because of the extra weight ? i am doing the design sketches now so i can get them cut tomorrow in a local shop that has the tools , so do you guys think its worth the time and effort to make them from stainless steel or should i look for aluminium. BTW thank you guys for all the great info here , i really learned a lot fo stuff reading the posts in this forum , i can’t wait to share my build as well :slight_smile:

Stainless steel will work great! It is actually stronger and stiffer than aluminum. It will be heaver, since it is a more dense material, but it’s not really going to matter that much in the end. Use what you’ve got available!

One thing though, stainless steel is more difficult to machine than aluminum. Make sure to use coolant and use an RPM roughly half of what you’d use for stainless. I would talk to your machinist or shop manager first though; you can ruin a cutter very quickly if you do it wrong

good luck!

Thanks, good to know , i thought there was a problem with it since no ones uses it, well these guys work with stainless steel and copper everyday they have big machines , they make part for big machines and trucks and stuff , so i am sure a small mount won’t be that big of a deal for them , plus i won’t be doing it myself ill just sketch the design on the plate or just print it and glue it to the pieces and let them do the work , i would just like to know if the thickness is enough , i am making the trucks clamp from a 12mm piece and the motor mount from a 6 mm one , will that be enough ? my design is similar to the enertionboards one if not the same

Yeah, a 6mm thick motor plate from stainless steel will be very strong. You should be good to go!

Stainless is a lot more expensive than aluminum, which is another reason it is not more common

Thanks man , i feel more confident about this now :D, i was disappointed since i didn’t find aluminum , the funny thing is stainless steel is cheaper here , i got the two sheets for 10$ they weight 4kgs and i can make 6 to 8 mounts of it :smiley:


Also while they have the mounts see if they will tap the holes for you (if they werent already going to do it for you). Maybe even take your trucks with you when you pick them up, test fit them and if there is a problem you may be able to sort it then. It could save you a return journey if there is a problem :wink:

Thanks man , i am going to ask them to tap the holes for sure, i tried to tap a hole one in an aluminum plate it wasn’t fun especially if you have crap tools , so that’s a must for sure, and i didn’t think of the trucks so i guess ill take them and test everything there, thanks man

Ohh if you found aluminium hard to tap then you would certainly hate stainless steel !! Ive had a few taps snap in stainless but i think the parts i was working with had been affected by heat and had hardened. No probs mate, good luck with the machining job. Post pics once its all done.

Yeah man i will def post pics once done :slight_smile:

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Make sure you keep the stainless cool. If it gets hot it will harden, this will make drilling and tapping incredibly difficult.

I once had to drill 12 holes in 5mm stainless and it took me 6 hours. I was inexperienced and it hardened. If you drill, make sure you use a drill press then its easier to make sure you are always cutting and not rubbing. Also, as aforementioned, use coolant/cutting oil.

well i just found a local company that does laser cutting i contacted them and i will go visit them in a couple of hours and see what price they will ask, i dont have the tools to do it my self , maybe if it was aluminum i could do it manually but this stainless steel is really not really manual friendly lol