🌟 TSG Pass Helmet Group Buy COMPLETED 🌟

I have been chatting with the guys over at TSG to see if we can get a group buy going for the Pass helmet. We need atleast 24 to start, so I wanted to see how much interest there was. I think we could easily achieve this. :star2:

If this goes through, helmets will ship directly from TSG’s USA distributor. I still don’t have a set number (price) from them as we only get a few emails per day in. Shipping internationally from their EU or other warehouses should be possible for international customers.

If you interested leave comment, and state which country you are from

The new TSG Pass is a slim and simple full face helmet. Designed with aerodynamics and rider comfort in mind, it has a wide viewing area, featherlight construction, breathable vent ports, and an organic feel while tucking. It’s not just a downhill helmet, it’s an everything helmet! Coming in Gloss White/Red, Matte Black, and Carbon

The helmet retails for $269. Stating your interest is not an intent to buy, so even if your considering it, please let me know.

Current Count: 36!

Update; please fill out this form to enter the group buy: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCs_O-DvPgLZQ8qzJFLMMtT0pmM4LBr-f4v2azqU6JN-MWfg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Helmets will be around $180usd (maybe cheaper)


I’m interested - IL

Interested as well. US.

I WANT ONE (USA) Hook me up!

Interested, US

Why is it better than a motor cycle helmet?

Ive wonderd this my self, is it weight or viewing angle? Because protection is there

Interested. Latvia. But how can I know that it will fit to my head?

I can find it for 190 euros on Amazon, I may consider it if you can get a lower price. Italy

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Viewing angle, and I remember someone linking an article about using motorcycle helmets for skateboarding. It basically said that the protection is not in the same impact zones for a skateboard rider, and more for the side of the head for a motor cycle rider… or that’s the gist…

It most likely lighter as well, which means better fit. Also, now that I think about it; breathability…

I will post a size chart if we get that 24, but there is no point in collecting them now. @ninja

What I read is longboard specific helmets are safer for longboarding because they are lighter and there is less chance of getting a neck injury. Motorcycle are designed for higher speed crashes so they’re bigger and heavier.

I own tsg helmet and a brainsaver helmet. I almost only use a tsg pass helmet because it’s such a better riding experience. Visibility is great, it comes with two visors, a clear one that I use at night and a reflective one that I use during the day. The helmet blocks all the wind which makes the riding more enjoyable. I haven’t had crash in it thankfully, but I feel well protected. It does get a little warm if you’re not moving so if I’m at a stop light I might open the visor which is easy to do. Overall I would definitely recommend

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@JLabs I’m interested, have wanted a full face helmet for a while! Thx! I’m in the US.

I’ve been using the TSG pass for about a year now. It’s a great helmet. In my research, here’s the differences between a motorcycle helmet:

  • Viewing angle: you can see more (the lens is far bigger and raps further back towards your ears
  • Weight: motorcycle helmets are heavy, this is very light.
  • Noise: Motorcycle helmets often reduce noise or completely cut it out. Te TSG pass has vents near your ear that allow sound in. You surprisingly don’t hear a lot of wind either, but you can hear a car approaching you from behind for example, or emergency vehicles, which I think is a huge safety plus (more spacial awareness).

I would be down if I didn’t already own one. I did hit a corner too hard in the rain and slip out, snapping my neck back and smacking my head into the ground. Surprisingly, theres only a small paint chip on the helmet and my head was 100% fine. Did it’s job well, and it will continue to!

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Very interested - Australia

interested; us, florida

i’ve been looking at these for a while but they were always out of my price range.

Interested, Singapore.

Interested USA

Awesome I was waiting for a helmet group buy, Interested USA

Interested. United states here. Thank you.

Interested - Calif