Start a wiki tab (category) for this forum. Drop a like for support

I am sure that everyone had a hard time searching when they joined this forum and it’s hard to search something that your don’t know of. To be honest, I want to say that this forum is a gold mine, but only after a significant period of time we would have our favorite and most informative posts bookmarked. I’m sure you guys have a lot more bookmarks than I do. And sometimes it does get difficult for us to look up some of the more specific or unique posts.

I love this beginner guide but I personally want a more details post on each of the topics and a running of list of each products and homemade solutions available. Therefore I’m suggesting to start a separate wiki category for documention. I think it would really help us pass on our knowledge and saves those obscure experiments that some of us have done. Heres an example of how it can be done. image This a a forum I made for Pionners in Engineering (UC Berkeley robotics club that delevelops cheap robotics kits and organize annual robotics competition for low income high school student in the Bay area.) As you can see, I made a wiki category with electrical, mechanical, game and competition sub-categories. Each category had a main pinned post for a brief introduction and navigation tabs. Then each subject has a separate post for more detailed documentation. image You can even pin the category on the navi bar. image

I know there are definitely better wiki platform out there but I want to keep everyone here and not have to hop between sites. Tell me what you think.


great idea, you’ll have to convince @onloop to foot the bill for someone to install it.


You really just need admin or moderator access. No additional plugin needed. Everything is built into discourse.

oh nice, I thought it was a 3rd party thing.


To put the category on the Navi bar you only need to type in the category name in one of the settings. That would require an admin.

@onloop might want to see this…

Bump. Not sure if ppl missed this post or ppl actually just don’t care, but I really know this done.


Who else is a mod?

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@thisguyhere @Winfly I’ll look into it! I’m a mod.

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any news? tbh one of the thing I wanted the most is to document VESC and other variants , now that so many companies has made their own. @treenutter kind of want to have like a registry of each hardward version and testing. would be nice to eventually be recognized by manu to send in test unit to put into testing.

I feel like this might not be a service to new people. Here’s my logic…

These things are inherently dangerous, that’s why I call them “rocket powered mirder boards” :grinning:. If it’s too easy, as in you give people a shopping list a recipe they won’t necessarily have the opportunity to see all the methods of achieving a single thing. Like XT-90s loop key vs Anti-Spark switch vs BMS with E-switch. Also, and probably more important, they won’t see the horror stories like street facing with no helemet, battery fires, speed wibble, etc.

There’s a reason why you have to read to get badges, the badges are an incentive to get people to read, to learn and figure out stuff from what they’ve learned.

I’m not saying if you want it easy go buy a meepo, but if the shoe fits right?